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2017-02-03 03:50 pm


Straight away after Christmas Pippa had taken Fin's recommendation and gone to see Hex. He told her it was much too early to tell if she was preggers but he ran an STI panel, just to see. He told her it was a bit early to tell that, either.

Ever since, she had been peeing on sticks every few days, just waiting for her period to come. But it didn't. And it didn't. And now she was officially late. By two weeks. But every stick said negative. And so she had made arrangements with Hex once more, not wanting to go to her regular doctor because of her 'condition' as well as Akeem's. No, the NHS wasn't equipped to deal with Fae or werewolves.

And so she set a time to meet with Hex and then went to Akeem's shop to see if he'd come with her. No call, no text, she simply dropped in.

"Akeem?" she called into the book shop. "Are you in here somewhere?"
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2016-10-23 08:48 pm


(From here)

The answer, of course, was hers. She hailed a cab and climbed in, giving the driver her address. Then she settled in close to him and without asking for permission she began to move her lips along his neck.

"Do we need to have a conversation about all the things you want to do with me that you can't do in public?" she asked softly before catching his earlobe and sucking on it.